Stephen Claughton: Deor — The High Window

***** Stephen Claughton grew up in Manchester, read English at Oxford and worked for many years as a civil servant in London. His poems have appeared widely in print and online and he has published two pamphlets, The War with Hannibal (Poetry Salzburg, 2019) and The 3-D Clock (Dempsey & Windle, 2020), the latter a […]

Stephen Claughton: Deor — The High Window

I’m very grateful to David Cooke for posting my poem, “Deor”, on The High Window and for setting it so well in context with a reading and translation of the original Old English poem, to which mine is a response.

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Claughton: Deor — The High Window

  1. Interesting Stephen, and makes a nice change. I especially enjoyed your line ‘Poets are natural liars; it’s what we do’. (It strikes me that the Bard, in saying that, is giving his Lord a warning not only about the newcomer but equally about himself and his own interjection!)

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  2. Thank you, John. Yes, indeed. Our man isn’t the brightest.


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