Here are links to poetry reviews I’ve written (for London Grip unless otherwise stated):

“The Dancers of Colbek” by William Bedford (Two Rivers Press) 28 February 2020

“Exposure” by Derek Adams (Dempsey & Windle) 27 November 2019

“This Tilting Earth” by Jane Lovell (Seren) in The Blue Nib 24 November 2019

“The Where and When” by Malcolm Carson (Shoestring Press) 30 August 2019

“Six-Count Jive” by Rosie Johnston (Lapwing Publications) 13 July 2019

“Janky Tuk Tuks” by Wendy Holborow (The High Window) 5 April 2019

“Great Games” by Alistair Elliot (Shoestring Press) 10 February 2019

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