Below are links to poetry reviews I’ve written (for London Grip unless otherwise stated). Links to and/or extracts from reviews of my own poetry can be found on the “Publications” page.

“Larksong Static” by Martin Malone (The Hedgehog Poetry Press) 24 March 2021

“Sehnsucht” by Christine McNeill (Shoestring Press) 6 January 2021

“Planes Flying Over” by Robert Etty (Shoestring Press) 8 October 2020

“Out of Silence” by Fred Beake (Poetry Salzburg) 10 July 2020

“Blood Rain” by André Mangeot (Seren) 11 May 2020

“The Action” by Roger Garfitt (Carcanet) in The High Window 25 April 2020

“The Dancers of Colbek” by William Bedford (Two Rivers Press) 28 February 2020

“Exposure” by Derek Adams (Dempsey & Windle) 27 November 2019

“This Tilting Earth” by Jane Lovell (Seren) in The Blue Nib 24 November 2019

“The Where and When” by Malcolm Carson (Shoestring Press) 30 August 2019

“Six-Count Jive” by Rosie Johnston (Lapwing Publications) 13 July 2019

“Janky Tuk Tuks” by Wendy Holborow (The High Window) 5 April 2019

“Great Games” by Alistair Elliot (Shoestring Press) 10 February 2019

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