Poetry Salzburg have published my first pamphlet, “The War with Hannibal”, which is available from their website It costs £6.50 (+ 1.50 p&p).

“Stephen Claughton has a voice that is quite rare in contemporary poetry. You actually enjoy reading him; you enjoy exploring his landscapes, which might be a Latin lesson with restless schoolboys, a subway with a modern Orpheus, or mem- ories of a grandfather who knew Elgar. I can recommend this pamphlet to any reader.”

Merryn Williams

“Stephen Claughton is a poet with something to say, whose poems are always accessible, engaging and eloquently expressed. Shot through with his own brand of deadpan humour, he seems nonetheless, like Larkin, to be a poet who “will for- ever be surprising / A hunger in himself to be more serious.” Whether he is de- scribing his “devout Sabbatarian” grandfather, his Latin teacher, or tragic artists like Munch and Flannery O’Connor, his portraits of failure and frustration exude a kind of bruised wisdom in the face of mortality and neglect: “We are where we are […]. That’s how things look from here.” And yet, however clear-eyed and stoical his vision may be, this is a poet who entertains and delights us with consummate ease.”

David Cooke
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